The Kosher Gelatin Specialists

Geliko Gelatin in Kosher Food Products

Gelatin is a proven multifunctional ingredient with many applications in the food processing industry.
When gelatin is a dominant ingredient in a food formulation, the product's marketing might include gelatin's health-promoting properties, which include:

· Improving joint mobility
· Improving bone firmness
· Stimulating the formation of cartilage
· Improving firmness and elasticity of ligaments and tendons
· Enhancing the formation of healthy skin and strong hair and nails

Kosher Gelatin Gummi Bears

Aspic Products, Dairy Products, Fruit Gums


· Excellent clarity - allows developers to create brilliant colors with no turbidity
· Smooth gel consistency - cuts easily and uniformly
· Reduced syneresis
· Optimized texture - ranging from soft and creamy to strong and rigid
· Neutral taste - will not mask flavors

Kosher Gelatin Marshmallows

Ice Cream, Low-fat Foods, Marshmallows



· Ice crystal control - optimizes size and distribution for perfect texture and mouthfeel
· Aeration - excellent foam formation
· Stabilization - maintains homogenous pre-mix and optimum overrun
· Thermoreversible gelation - improves melt characteristics and mouthfeel

Kosher Gelatin Sausages and Spreads

Sausages, Spreads



· Gelling - adhesive
· Water binding - emulsion stabilizer

Kosher Gelatin Wine and Juice

Wine, Juice 



· Clarification - removal of turbidity and tanning substances
· Viscosifying - increasing thickness, improving mouthfeel


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