The Kosher Gelatin Specialists

Geliko Gelatin in Cosmetic Applications

High-molecular, native collagen is an important moisture retainer used in creams and lotions and is suitable for all types of skin. It has been proven that collagens increase hydration, improve skin feeling and decrease the extent and depth of wrinkles.

Gelatin hydrolysate possesses properties that are essential for the care and protection of skin and hair. These natural biological cosmetic ingredients are isolated and purified using mild extraction or gentle enzymatic degradation. They are dermatological compatible and free of all contaminants.

Gelatin hydrolysates are valuable components of hair care products due to their affinity to keratin. Film-forming properties improve hair gloss and handling, especially if previously treated with chemical preparations. Proteins provide substantial structural protection from adverse effects of permanent waving and bleaching. Addition of protein hydrolysates to hair coloring sprays and toners facilitates increased volume and uniformity of color absorption.


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