The Kosher Gelatin Specialists

Geliko Product Line

Kosher Granulated Gelatin

Granulated kosher gelatin is a tasteless odorless powder with a pale yellow color available in three general particle sizes.

Size (mm) Mesh
Fine Particle
0.1 - 0.3 50-140
Medium Particle
0.3 - 0.8
Large Particle
more than 2

Kosher Instant Gelatin

Instant gelatin is pure gelatin powder specially processed for easy and rapid dispersion in cold water. Unlike granulated or leaf gelatin, instant gelatin can be used without any pretreatment.

Geliko instant gelatin is ideal for a variety of kosher dry-mixes including beverages, desserts, and fillings made with cream, milk, or other liquids, consumed in gelled or whipped forms.

Kosher Gelatin Hydrolysate

Kosher gelatin hydrolysate, often referred to as "zero bloom gelatin" is manufactured from the same raw materials as regular gelatin. Complete enzymatic hydrolysis (as compared to the partial hydrolysis used to create regular gelatin), however, renders hydrolysates incapable of gelling.

Soluble in cold conditions and rich in completely digestable protein, Geliko kosher gelatin hydrolysates are ideal for a variety of kosher product applications. Gelatin hydrolysates may be used to increase viscosity, improve biological value, as an emulsifier, or as a carbohydrate-free carrier for spray-drying.

Geliko gelatin hydrolysates are available as light-colored spray-dried powders and agglomerated forms, Geliko gelatin hydrolysates' mild taste and neutral aroma will not affect the sensory properties of your finished product.