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Geliko Production

Geliko kosher gelatin is derived from cattle hides obtained from cattle slaughtered following the strictest kosher guidelines for slaughter and tracking to ensure the elimination of non kosher hides from the gelatin manufacturing process.

Production Process Flowchart - Diagram


Geliko kosher gelatin manufacture follows the "Type A" or "acid" process. Washed hide undergo a treatment with acid to render the collagen soluble in warm water, a precondition for the subsequent extraction process. Following this step, excess acid and salts are washed out with water.

Gelatin is then extracted from the raw materials using a warm water continuous or a multi-stage extraction system. The material extracted in any one stage is subjected to re-extraction with water at a higher temperature. This process is repeated until all of the gelatin has been extracted. 

Extracted gelatin is isolated using high-performance separators. Any mineral salts remaining are reduced or removed as required. 

The purified, concentrated gelatin solution is sterilized, and then extruded through perforated disks to form "noodles". The gel gelatin noodles are then dried in a band drier supplied with filtered, dehumidified and disinfected air, coarsely ground and then placed in quarantine for quality control testing.

Only when gelatin, that meets all physical, chemical and biological testing specifications it is released for further use.

Geliko kosher gelatin is manufactured by global gelatin manufacturer Gelita. Raw materials provision, logistics and transport systems are monitored and maintained by Geliko as well as Gelita to ensure the safety, freshness and traceability of all raw materials. All Geliko kosher gelatin is manufactured in ISO 9000 certified facilities, following kosher process guidelines established by the Orthodox Union (OU).

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