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Gelatin vs. Gelatin Hydrolysate - What is the difference anyway?

Often when discussing the qualities of GELIKO kosher products, the terms "gelatin" and "gelatin hydrolysate" are used to explain the formulation of various products, foods, or functions. Both substances are valuable, and both play vital roles in the manufacture of a number of excellent products. However, there are distinct differences between them. Each serve different, yet equally important purposes, but the question is often raised: What is the difference between gelatin and gelatin hydrolysate?

Depending on the type of product, gelatin or gelatin hydrolysate can be used to perform particular functions toward a number of tailored specifications including taste, texture, thickness, gel strength, and many more.

Gelatin is defined by its bloom, or gel strength. It forms a thermoreversible gel at room temperature, and requires hot water to dissolve. Therefore, it performs such tasks as gel former and texturizer in fruit gums and gelatin desserts, a stabilizer in dairy products such as yogurts or puddings, and an emulsifier in soups, sauces, and low fat food. If a particular product needs its ingredients brought together to form the optimal consistency or strength, gelatin is the perfect adhesive for the job.

Gelatin has a neutral taste and no odor, so it can be used in food applications without altering taste. Further, it can act as a whipping agent and foam former in marshmallows, ice cream, cake fillings, and mousse desserts. It is also a great source of protein.

Gelatin hydrolysate, on the other hand, is defined by its viscosity, or thickness. It forms a solution at room temperature, and most types dissolve at room temperature in cold water.

Gelatin hydrolysate is also an ideal source for protein. It is made only of highly purified protein, and contains all but one (tryptophan) of the essential amino acids the body requires from outside sources for protein. However, since gelatin is only one of many proteins in our daily diets, it is still easy to get more than enough needed protein from our daily food intake. It can be used as a thickening and binding agent, so it is able to partially or completely replace sugar as an adhesive in some products, further improving their health capabilities. Gelatin hydrolysate is also neutral in taste, so it provides no adverse flavor to foods. It is used to improve a wide array of products, including protein bars, cereal bars, protein drinks, smoothies, and joint health and nutraceuticial products.

Although GELIKO kosher gelatin and kosher gelatin hydrolysates can be used for different applications, the benefits they provide are endless. Whether you are looking to improve the physical characteristics of your products, such as texture or weight, you want to improve their functional characteristics, such as gel power or thickness, or you want to increase their nutritional value. GELIKO kosher gelatin and kosher gelatin hydrolysate are the ideal ingredients to accomplish any or more of these goals.